Turnkey solution for all brands

Drive Revenue – Increase direct and in-direct revenue in real-time through your customers, social media.

Social Media Engagement -Social Media Engagement – The platform is a marketer’s best friend to easily manage engagement and boost digital activity beyond likes and shares.

Gamification – Encourage competition with a visual real-time leader-board and award points based on social activities.

SSNAPP platform was built to work for all type of brands that want to increase to increase their ROI on social media.

With different social media engagement modules, SSNAPP is your one stop shop to activate the influence of your social media

Turn audience into customers with social engagement programs which include contests, referral rewards, surveys, and more!
Social Referral Program

Use the power of referrals to increase your revenue and email sign ups

Social Media Loyalty

Allow your customers to earn points for their social interactions

Secure Digital Offers & Coupon

Secure digital offers and coupons that are shareable via social media and Messenger such as Email, Text, Whats App etc.)

Social Contest

Social media contest that are based on the customers invitations

Social Surveys & Trivia

Surveys and Trivia questions that are shareable via social media

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