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[vc_icon position=”left” icon=”fa fa-share-alt” icon_color=”accent” size=”fa-2x” text_size=”h5″ css_animation=”bottom-t-top” animation_delay=”400″ align=”left” title=”Refer”]Refer and Invite your favorite business from Email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter[/vc_icon]
[vc_icon position=”left” icon=”fa fa-dollar” icon_color=”accent” size=”fa-2x” text_size=”h5″ css_animation=”bottom-t-top” animation_delay=”600″ align=”left” title=”Earn”]Earn Cash when a business signs up for¬†subscription account on SSNAPP[/vc_icon]
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[vc_custom_heading subheading=”Receive prizes, perks, and incentives from your favorite businesses for being their loyal customer and recommending them to your friends when you sign up on SSNAPP!

View example video below:”]Why SSNAPP?[/vc_custom_heading]

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[vc_icon position=”left” icon=”fa fa-circle-check” size=”fa-3x” text_font=”font-156269″ align=”left” title=”PROGRAM”]The SSNAPP Refer a Business Program gives you the ability to vouch for your favorite businesses via social media.[/vc_icon]
[vc_icon position=”left” icon=”fa fa-volume2″ size=”fa-3x” text_font=”font-156269″ align=”left” title=”BENEFITS”]Enjoy the perks and rewards that come with sharing your favorite brands with your social media network.[/vc_icon]
[vc_icon position=”left” icon=”fa fa-location-2″ size=”fa-3x” text_font=”font-156269″ align=”left” title=”EARNINGS”]SSNAPP will pay you 20% of all revenues from the businesses you refer[/vc_icon]
[vc_custom_heading text_size=”h3″ text_font=”font-156269″ text_weight=”700″ text_transform=”uppercase” separator=”yes” subheading=”Once you Join the program you will have two ways of inviting your favorite business

Social Media

Invite your favorite business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Invite your favorite business through email.

“]How Business Invitation Works[/vc_custom_heading]

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[vc_custom_heading text_size=”h1″ separator=”yes” separator_color=”yes” subheading=”Transform your current customers and social media audience into a marketing force.”]

 Are You A Business?


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In minutes you will have access to:

  • Creating Social Media Loyalty Program
  • Converting your social audience into loyal customers
  • Amplifying your marketing reach
  • Building your own branded influencer community
  • Saving digital ad marketing dollars
  • Driving revenue by knowing your customers and their network of friends interests
  • Creating Automated Referral Program
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