Prairie Band Casino & Resort


Balancing the strategy to grow online communities in addition to the effort it takes to continually show ROI for social media efforts is a challenge for many brands. SSNAPP has enabled Prairie Band Casino & Resort to have a central social media engagement and loyalty solution to keep the guests constantly promoting the brand and allowing their networks of friends to organically engage. The platform gives the property the ability to automate incentives and activities based on the guest’s engagement in real-time.,


The Prairie Band team was seeking for better solutions to improve their customer engagement and conversions from their social media and online community. With limited data available about the guests and their network of friends, the brand needed a way to have continual engaging content and activities that could be managed easily across all of their social media channels.


Prairie Band Casino team spent a lot of time to create engaging social media campaigns in addition to the operational and marketing costs. Also, because of the lack of a social engagement and loyalty system, Prairie Band would yield only an average of 2.5% conversion rates from the normal ad spend.


SSNAPP provided the property with a social media engagement and loyalty platform that:


Increased their social media and online conversion rates

Increased social media engagement through campaign automation

Drives more businesses from their online community saving the team a lot of time on campaign management tools


Guest referral

Amplification rate as a result from guests referring friends

Over 200%

Audience reached on social

Total audience reach and impressions accumulated from the acquired customers:

Over 1.4 Million

Average conversion rate

A 10% conversion rate (5x the industry standard) on direct mail to social campaigns

An additional 30% conversion rate of customers the brand could not reach from their social media audience

Additional Benefits


Additional benefits include: The brand is constantly getting millions of organic impressions from guests sharing the brand with their friends on social media. The brand transforms customers from social audiences and views their network of friends/connections while understanding what their interests are in real-time.



“SSNAPP is easy to use, yet very powerful. Allowing us to engage in real-time with our guests on social media. As our online community continues to grow, SSNAPP works as an incentive to those following our brand. People look forward to our contests and empowers them to spread our message.” – Maria Rodriguez, Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Prairie Band Casino & Resort