Social Promotion and Ticketing System

Increase attendance and get direct payouts through unique event promotions and affiliate programs.
You focus on running your event, while we focus on increasing your attendance and revenues.

Sell Social Tickets

Create both free and paid social tickets that allow your customers to add their event experience onto a shareable TrailZ memory that will last forever.

Earn More Money

Receive a commission on all ticket sales plus processing and sponsorship fees.
Boost and enhance your revenue stream by sub-contracting other promoters.

Your Success is our Top Priority

By Partnering with SSNAPP Event organizers, Event Promoters and DJ Promoters get access to the Social Promotion and Ticketing System that allows for multiple revenue streams beyond the selling of tickets.

From ticket management fees to sponsorships revenues, event organizers and promoters have the ability to tap into these revenue streams through the digital platform

Explore Opportunities

Social Tickets

Replace your current ticketing system with social tickets and earn a commission from the management fee.
Unlike the other ticket providers, you receive a percentage of all ticket management fees we collect.

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Trail Your Moments

SSNAPP Events social promotional tools consolidate content from multiple users across multiple social networks into a single, common, easily accessible Trail.
Earn revenue from sponsors that pay to appear on your Trails.

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Group VIP Experience

Provide your event attendees with a group VIP Experience.
Customers simply buy a seat to the VIP table; the VIP experience becomes active automatically once enough customers have opted in.

See Group VIP Experience Example

Digital Sponsorship

By becoming a SSNAPP partner, you get exclusive access to digital sponsorship revenue channels for your events.
SSNAPP provides event organizers and promoters with several different digital sponsorship revenue options, based on the type of events being organized.
Are you a brand seeking sponsorship? Find out more here

How It Works

Become a Partner

Become a Partner by applying for the SSNAPP Events partnership certification.

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Create & Promote your Events

Add your events, create reserved tickets , sell social tickets and promote your events in one single system

Earn More Revenue

Start earning through our affiliate commission program and sponsorship before even before the event starts


What are the Partnership requirements?

These requirements apply to all SSNAPP Events Partners:

  • You are required to be a legitimate, licensed event organizer or promoter.
  • You are required to have active upcoming events.
  • You must use the SSNAPP Events Promotions, Social Ticketing System or the Sponsorship System through TrailZ in order to get compensated.

The best way to find out if you meet all of the requirements is to just apply. It is quick and easy

How does digital sponsorship work?

SSNAPP Event digital sponsorship packages include:

  • Gold Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Bronze Sponsorship

Digital sponsorship include but not limited to Brands logo, digital display of banners and social posts on event pages, tickets, trails, social mentions and shared content.

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What are Social Tickets?

Social Tickets (sTix) are socially enabled tickets that provide your attendees the ability to socialize with each other for your event

Social Tickets (sTix) types include:

  1. Paid or Free Ticketing – Customer Can easily purchase your social tickets online
  2. Ticket Reservation – Customers can reserve a ticket for purchase at the door
  3. VIP Experience Reservation – Customer reserve VIP experience service

How do event organizers and promoters get paid?

SSNAPP provides an easy way for event organizers and promoters to get paid.

When you sell social tickets through SSNAPP you get your pay outs immediately through or paypal

The sponsorship earnings are paid out monthly based on the revenue generated that month from your events