Loyalty Focus Group

Social Media Loyalty for your Favorite Brands

Loyalty is a two-way street, whether the loyalty is coming from the brand or their customers one thing is for sure, it builds exceptional customer experiences.

SSNAPP enables you and your network of friends to gain recognition and have the best experiences with your favorite brands.

Earn rewards, special offers and redeemable social points for being loyal and from your social media interactions and influence with your favorite brands.

#BeyondLoyalty Focus Group

The #BeyondLoyalty Focus Group facilitates the discussion and on-going feedback  between brands and their customers to provide exceptional customer experiences

Customers can voice their opinions and help shape loyalty programs that are rolled out by their favorite brands

The Focus Group Aggregates your experiences and stories into a loyalty news feed community to provide feedback and tips for brands

The Focus Group also provide an easy way for brands to deploy social media loyalty program that enables recognition on social media and messenger platforms

How the Focus Group Works


Join the #BeyondLoyalty Focus Group and help shape the future of customer loyalty  to create exceptional experiences


Contribute your experiences from brands that are providing exceptional services and loyalty by posting those moments on social media or the Beyond Loyalty blog using #BeyondLoyalty

Acknowledgement and Recognition

Get Acknowledgment and Recognition for your contribution on making brands better themselves and improve their loyalty programs