Support Your Hair Stylist and Barber

During these Challenging Times



  1. Click on Support to nominate your favorite hair stylist by entering their information
  2. Enter the Future Store Credit Gift Card amount you would like to support them with
  3. SSNAPP Cares will contact your hair stylist or barber and transfer the funds to them
  4. Your Future Store Credit Gift Card will then be emailed to you
  5. Get your prepaid hairdo or barber service once the Pandemic lockdown is over


#CovidHairDontCare is a before-and-after photo challenge carried out on social media channels.

This campaign is used to highlight the hair stylists and barbers across the country who have been affected by this crisis and are in need of assistance from their loyal customers and the local community.

By supporting your favorite salon and barbershop, you will play an active role in getting society back on a steady footing once the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown ends.


What is SSNAPP Cares?

SSNAPP Cares is a Community Stimulus program that allows ordinary customers to support struggling businesses in their local community during the current pandemic lockdown..

SSNAPP Cares allows you to donate a small amount directly to the business or favorite employee of your choice in exchange for Future Store Credit Gift Cards.

SSNAPP Cares will transfer your donation directly to the business you designate.

Your donation will help your favorite business survive this crisis.

Think of it as a “Thank you for your service” or a tip in advance.

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What happens if the business I wish to support is unable to receive my funds (i.e., not in business anymore, unreachable, or does not need the assistance)?

  • You will immediately receive a full 100% refund of your money.

How do I know that the business has received my funds?

  • SSNAPP Cares automatically contacts the selected business using the contact information you supplied.
  • Our Customer Care department follows up with a confirmation call to the business.
  • Once the business has been confirmed, an email is sent to you indicating that your funds have been transferred to the business you designated.
  • Your Store Credit Certificate is generated and emailed to you.

How do I receive my Store Credit Certificate?

  • Once the business you designate accepts your assistance, your Store Credit Certificate is emailed to you.
  • You can use your Store Credit when the lockdown is over and the business has reopened.