Community Stimulus Program

SSNAPP Cares is a Community Stimulus Platform for all businesses

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all business big making it challenging for some of them to survive this recession


Businesses have had to come up with new ways to do business and fulfill their customers needs.


Yes, there is the government stimulus package for businesses however most small businesses are not receiving any benefits from this program because they either don’t qualify or its just not enough.


This is why SSNAPP CARES was created to provide businesses with Community Stimulus Programs that will ensure they are still around when all this is over.

The Community Stimulus Programs allows loyal and any customers to directly support the business or employees of their choice.


By supporting their favorite business the community will play an active role in getting society back on a steady footing once the COVID-19 Pandemic ends

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Example of Community Stimulus Programs

Future Store Credits Gift Cards

Future Store Credit Gift Cards Programs are designed to helpĀ  businesses raise funds from their loyal customers and community by providing future services and store credit in exchange of Future Store Credit Gift Cards.




  • Businesses are able to Receive Cash immediately from their current loyal customers
  • Keeps the businesses customers engaged through the pandemi
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Employee to Customer Engagement Programs

Post COVID-19 Employee to Customer Engagement Programs play an active role in getting customers back on steady footing into participating business


  • Keeps a business social media marketing active through its employees making it Cost Effective
  • Helps the business stay afloat by amplifying its marketing efforts through employees


  • Employee ConfidenceĀ  Building Program
  • Advance Employee Tips Programs