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We make a difference by supporting communities in need

#BusinessesCare Program Details

SSNAPP recognizes the importance of businesses, including our own, working with the communities that are in need of help.

The Businesses Care Program is designed to recognize brands that get involved with their communities with donations in times of crises.

We believe in supporting socially responsible businesses who are committed to building a better community. We do this by matching the business’s donations with our software and services.

 For any donations made to any charity, SSNAPP will match that donation with a software license, including services, up to $1,000 for the first month.

Where to Donate

We will acknowledge any donation made to any charity that is a disaster relief or helps communities better themselves.

Simply forward your proof of donations to [email protected]

Example Charity platforms include:





You Caring

Go Fund Me

Vegas Strong

Childs Dream

Or donate to any charity of your choice. We will match any donations to any charity with a Free SSNAPP Software License for one month to help you increase your business

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