Drive Traffic & Revenue

Increase traffic to your brand by Integrating the SSNAPP Influencer Marketing platform to your marketing efforts

Increase revenues by  increasing the customer’s visits and expanding to new customers through Organic Influence on their networks

Enhance Customer Experiences

Enhance your customers and social audience experience through engaging programs and activities like

Social Loyalty – Allow your customers to earn points for their social interactions and activities

Referrals – Use the power of referrals to increase your revenue and email sign ups

Secure digital offers –  That are shareable via social media and Messenger such as Email, Text, Whats App etc.)

Gamification – Encourage competition with a visual real-time leader-board and award points based on social activities.

Make Better Business Decisions

Driven from relevant customer and social audience data by closing the loop from outbound advertising and marketing efforts directly back to the actual sales results on their POS systems.

Connect digital marketing and social media to actual sales by their different business units enables brands to have a panoramic view of their customers, create engaging experiences, and drive repeat and new business

SSNAPP works for all types of businesses



Connecting your brand’s social media programs with your enterprise and operations teams for better decision making
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Easy for marketers and brand managers to implement, measure and increase social media ROI while leveraging customers/audiences as a sales force

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Agency & Services

Customize and automate social media experiences to increase customer engagement

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