Community Stimulus Program

Accept Assistance

What is SSNAPP Cares?

SSNAPP CARES is Community Stimulus Program for businesses that allows loyal customers to provide financial support for their favorite businesses in their local community to ensure that those businesses will still be around when all this is over with.

Your loyal customers and the local community you serve are able to financially assist you during these challenging times by donating a small amount.

Business Confirmation

Acceptance of Funds and Approval of SSNAPP Account
  • Confirm Your Information

  • Used to transfer funds

Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis SMG, Inc. Created the SSNAPP Cares Community Stimulus Loyalty Project

The SSNAPP Cares Community Stimulus Loyalty Project is a way for loyal customers to engage with and provide financial aid directly to their favorite businesses to ensure that they will still be there when this crisis is over and the economic recovery begins.

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