Mojaloop Community Recap

Mojaloop Community Recap

Mojaloop (PI-10) Open Source Convening Recap

Last week’s Mojaloop Community Event represented exciting milestones for the community and its mission of supporting inclusive financial services. A growing number of friendly faces. Exciting updates and presentations from various teams. A unifying sense of camaraderie and teamwork.



However, there was one very noticeable difference – no one left their home. It was the first virtual gathering for the Mojaloop community and proved to be a bright spot during these trying times.

Throughout the week, it was apparent that the Mojaloop community is thriving. With more than 260 participants logging in from around the globe, the event was by far the largest gathering of our community doubling the number of attendees from the January event. This couldn’t have come at a more needed time with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the health and financial stability of people everywhere – especially the most vulnerable who live on the edge of destitution.

Mojaloop was built to help overcome the challenges that prevent the financial inclusion of 1.7 billion people who cannot gain access to critical financial services that will improve their lives.