Social Media – The Next Generat, by Anthony “Bert” Bertino for International Casino Jobs

Social Media – The Next Generat, by Anthony “Bert” Bertino for International Casino Jobs

With the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) about to begin, there is a need to view what is new to social media and what will be introduced.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, SSNAPP and Trip Advisor along with the other 150 differing outlets are standard in the casino marketing environment.  But now there are new agents and more advanced solutions that can improve your customer’s interaction with their favorite casino, and will make tracking social media results more effective.

Social Media outlets are now offering mobile applications on devices that can allow for application interaction with many of the CMS systems in play at casino properties.  This interaction will allow for customers to receive bonusing, register for offers and even redeem at non-gaming outlets.  While many of these systems have been promised for years, the reality has finally occurred, making the device in your customer’s pocket become a greater tracking strategy than what has previously been utilized.

Given the player’s card will be now and certainly in the future, the most popular form of identifying and tracking your customer, but with social media interaction, additional gaming and non-gaming information can be captured and relayed into tracking systems.  (Would you not love to offer a bonusing offer to someone who normally would just go home after their gaming session.  Knowing where they enjoy dining and what they like on social media can drive not only marketing decisions, but also renovating ideas.)

Social media is the most often questioned item in casino marketing’s budget, because there has yet to be a definitive answer to “what is a like worth.” With these new entrances into social media, tracking who they draw and what those likes drawn are worth are being defined in greater detail. To get expertise in this new area of optimization, brands use advanced solutions to tie outbound ads and marketing efforts directly to operations.

Social media is a conversation with your customer, if you know what they want to hear, there is a greater chance they will listen to what you are saying.

Anthony “Bert” Bertino is the CMO / COO for Casino Excursions Resort Gaming Group. He can be reached by calling (609) 892-1298 or email