Casinos Are Realizing More ROI Using SSNAPP

Casinos Are Realizing More ROI Using SSNAPP

Prairie Band Casino & Resort Launches Social Media Engagement Strategy Powered by SSNAPP.

Prairie Band Casino & Resort, a hotel and entertainment complex owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, has selected SSNAPP to support their ongoing social media marketing strategy. The SSNAPP platform has been instrumental in delivering real-time engagement with customers, enabling them to communicate more effectively and deliver superior results.

“SSNAPP is easy to use, yet very powerful, allowing us to engage in real-time with our guests,” said Maria Rodriguez, Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Prairie Band Casino & Resort. “It has been very well received, empowering us to embrace social media as a positive way to communicate and connect with our customers,” adds Anthony “Bert” Bertino, Director of Marketing at Prairie Band Casino & Resort.

SSNAPP is a recent recipient of Casino Journal’s, Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards. As a result, Prairie Band Casino & Resort have adopted this technology and implemented the new SSNAPP social loyalty module. Partners and brands are anticipating the release of the latest version of the SSNAPP social loyalty. The loyalty module is designed to integrate with existing casino technology, giving them a tremendous opportunity to reward guests who promote and endorse the brand on social media. This industry-leading technology adds another layer to the success of their loyalty program and provides new ways to meet consumer demands and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

SSNAPP has been successfully integrated into the Prairie Band Casino & Resort, legitimizing their social media marketing activities and enabling them to scale across multiple business units. The analytics tool has provided a more holistic view of campaign results, demonstrating increased ROI and supporting their mandate to build lasting customer relationships.

SSNAPP, developed by Social Media Gateways, Inc., is the award winning leading social intelligence platform, purpose-built for hospitality, gaming and retail to deliver more effective social loyalty programs. With operations in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas, SSNAPP is well positioned to support the gaming and hospitality industry and deliver integrated technology solutions. Casinos will benefit from using SSNAPP to enhance the effectiveness of loyalty programs, leveraging the power of social media. For more information, visit, follow us on Facebook, or tweet to us at