Standford University, Southern Illinois University Network Research Collaboration Influence with SSNAPP Overview

Standford University, Southern Illinois University Network Research Collaboration Influence with SSNAPP Overview

Overview: Understanding social networking analysis and behavioral motivation as it relates to our digital world is key to enabling true transformation in the industry. Many market experts seek to make sense of the many offered solutions and seek actionable data. ssnapp is the leading platform to provide true engagement and an exchange of social influence for currency.

Summary: Consumer media and sales channels are often gauged independently, one at a time. Television, print ads, radio, and online advertising each function separately.

In fact, ads increasingly interact. Add ssnapp and businesses are able to realize more than ever before additional stories about the results of the ads.

Tearing apart how ads work in concert has given rise to new and sophisticated prediction analytic techniques.

The new influencers are digital.

For more than 50 years, an applied branch of social psychology has studied the complexities of the behavior of individuals in social networks.

Ground-breaking work by Mark Granovetter1 looked at how some studies emphasized ways in which behavior is shaped and constrained by one’s own network, others in which ways individuals can manipulate social networks to achieve specific goals, and most notably the social networks with whom one interacts intensely, regularly, and likely to be the most effective network at influencing.

Granovetter’s foundational research goes back over 30 years!

It claims that a person’s strong ties to others form a dense network where they are more influential and a person’s weak ties to others form a less dense network. This precursor of social network analysis is tied to modern day measurement of on-line reputation and market influencers.

ssnapp is a game changer for many reasons. ssnapp is the first consumer facing platform to allow marketers and operators to visualize and enable actionable engagements on the grounds of Granovetter’s findings. You can finally make sense of how the influencers are actually digital. It allows the capability for customers and businesses to engage in a way that drives transformation. ssnapp is the enterprise solution to finally have the intelligent configurations and data output abilities to integrate strategies derived from research in people’s ties to others and what really cultivates influence.

Digital influence can be a complex and misused concept in our world today.

From the core, influence is a force created by one person or entity that causes a reaction in or by another.

In plain language this could be a parent influencing the behavior of a child, a fashion designer influencing retail trends, or a small business influencing the sales decisions and loyalty of its customers.

Simple, right? Well, it might be if we lived in relative isolation.

The reality is that we live in a hyperconnected world with an overabundance of data from news to advertisements to opinion. The Internet and social media channels have created a world where everyone can be a news source, a thought leader, and a potential influencer.

When everyone adds his or her voice to the collective conversation, have we created clarity or generated noise? Ironically, information overload, the hallmark of our digital age, has simultaneously increased our desire for more knowledge and decreased our patience for it.

The enterprise ssnapp platform ties all of these concepts together and has an embedded organic ecosystem supporting brand affinity implementation configurations to properly boost ROI strategies. ssnapp automates, analyzes and amplifies social marketing through a custom- built engagement model that increases awareness of what makes the customer happy while incorporating what digital currency means to the individual. The platform emphasizes how predictive behavior analysis focuses on the way information moves across communities, spots who the key influencers are, and which relationships are likely to amplify your message.

The ssnapp platform facilitates engagement and has the intelligence to go beyond understand interest of influencers to the next level of engagement.

Businesses have seen more than a 10% increase in engagement and better abilities to make decisions on where to spend their ad dollars.

1 Granovetter, Mark. (1973). The Strength of Weak Ties – download the paper