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Brands and Partners

What is SSNAPP?

Turn your social audience into loyal fans!

SSNAPP gives you the insight to market more effectively, using social intelligence to your advantage. A panoramic view of your social audience will help you drive measurable results, build brand advocacy and deliver a superior customer experience.

Why Choose SSNAPP?


Drive engagement through targeted connections. Turn your social audience from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into loyal followers. Building brand advocacy has never been easier!


Communicate directly with your community influencers and gain visual insight to help you engage, connect and strategize.


Reward their social interaction with business defined currency such as points, rewards and offers. Use social media loyalty programs to drive engagement and deliver results.


Increase conversion rates and monetize your social media marketing efforts. Use data & analytics to demonstrate ROI and drive revenue.


Create tailored marketing strategies designed to deliver maximum results.

How It Works

SSNAPP for Brands

Integrates with your social media channels to amplify your reach, offering 3 X the engagement!

SSNAPP for Events

Encourage and reward social media loyalty to promote events, concerts, nightclubs and more.

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SSNAPP Analytics

Gain actionable insight into your social media marketing activities. Stop second guessing!

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What Brands say about SSNAPP

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