Social Engagement and Loyalty | Ssnapp Social Engagement and Loyalty Technology
Ssnapp is a powerful tool to help you connect with your customers, build brand loyalty, and turn customer advocates into influencers. Track all of your social media interactions at once. Foster engagement by awarding points, rewards, gamified activities, offers, and more to your audience automatically. Take your social media marketing to the next level using our game changing technology to create a fan following like never before.
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Social Engagement and Loyalty

Attract New Customers

Leverage your existing customers to bring in new customers

Improve Your Marketing

Improve your marketing strategies and tactics through our social media loyalty programs

Sell More Products & Services

Sell more products through ``refer a friend``, social contests and engagement programs

Reach More Customers

Get relevant reach by promoting your brand through your social audience

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Turn your social audience into loyal fans!

SSNAPP gives you the insight to market more effectively, using social intelligence to your advantage. A panoramic view of your social audience will help you drive measurable results, build brand advocacy and deliver a superior customer experience.

Platform Capabilities

Social Media Loyalty

Allow your customers to earn points for their social interactions. Encourage real-time conversations and convert them to your loyalty program.

Social Engagement

Effortlessly create social campaigns such as contests, referral rewards, surveys and more.

Social Analytics

Gain actionable insight into your social media marketing activities. Stop second guessing!

Automation and Triggers
Automatically trigger offers, rewards, and activities to your customers based on their social interactions.
Encourage competition with a visual real-time leaderboard and award points based on social activities.
Business Defined Currency
Develop your own business defined currency to motivate and reward brand advocates.
Turn Your Audience into Customers
Grow your database and leverage social media relationships.
Influence Insights
Gain deep insights into the social networks of your influencers.
Integration and White Labeling
Already using an internal reward system? Integrate your existing system or create a new white labeled social media loyalty program.
Measure and Optimize
Measure social activities and optimize results for maximum impact.
Drive Revenue
Using concise data, extract information related to customer behaviors and interests.


SSNAPP works for all types of business and brands


Online Brands

Example: Agencies, Online Marketers, Online retailers

Amplify your online marketing by adding SSNAPP on top of your marketing strategy


Brick and Motor

Example: Restaurants, Casinos, Massage Spas

Continuously attract new customers and drive more traffic to your business



Example: Start ups, Consultants, Gym trainers

Build brand advocacy and loyalty from your social audience



Example: Digital, Marketing, Ad Agencies

Create engaging and gamified experiences to increase your customers reach

Engagement Loyalty Brand Influence

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